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Cake Classes 

Class balances are due 7 days prior to class, all payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Private Classes / Professional Investment Courses

Chef Tawanda Hammond is available to teach individuals or groups for 1 day to 4 days. Classes are generally 3 1/2 hours, however, the class may extend to 5 hours (depending on the students). The chef is available to travel almost anywhere. 

Private Instructions: $125 Minimum 3.5 hours / 5 hour

 Click link below to pay.

Hands on course – Basic supplies are provided

Basic I - Leveling Cakes

Filling layers.

Icing cake / bag method / free hand method.

Buttercream recipe.

Decorating essentials / proper filling of decorators bags, bag position, and pressure control.

Writing tips, rosebud, half rose, sweet pea and rose making with buttercream.

Standard borders- straight shell, reverse shell, braided shell, rope, zigzag, beaded

Click link below to pay.

Basic II - Two-toned Flower Making (buttercream) 

Royal frosting (2 day class) drying time is needed

*Baby Bassinet top – optional during this class

Old fashion string work

Basket weave

Rosette coverage, ombre’ coverage, striping, cornelli lacework, sotas lacework, scrolls, fleur-de-lis, and leaves. Click link below to pay.

Advanced I Class 

Crown border with string work, ruffles, swag/drape with buttercream and fondant, ribbons with buttercream and fondant, pansies, daisies, apple blossom, flutes, brush embroidery, watercolor painting, and brush stroke painting. Click link below to pay.

Advanced II Class

Fondant covering, fondant pressing, fondant painting, and draping. Some fondant flowers will be made during this class. Students must bring in a non-frosted, evenly baked, 2 layer- 8” round to class. (it is recommended to bake and refrigerate prior to class, for the best results).

* Advanced I, class must be taken prior to taking this class. Click link below to pay.

Wedding Cake Preparation Class

Each student must bring a 2-layer 6”, 2 layer- 8”, and 2 layer- 10” round cakes.

*Advanced I, and II must be taken prior to this course. Click link below to pay.

Professional course now offered: Fee $650.00 / Contract writing is included during this course. Click link below to pay.

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